No guarantor required!

Lower your move in costs.

Make payments with credit cards. A stress free comprehensive rental service. Overseas applicants are also welcome to apply.

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GaijinPot Housing Service

The easy way to rent a Home in Japan

Renting an apartment in Japan can be stressful.
The Housing Service is designed to make it easy! Choose from 2,500+ properties. Bilingual support. Credit card payment. No guarantor required. You can lower the move in costs by using our Housing Service Plus installment plan. Apply from overseas and have your place set up before you arrive. We make it easy to rent your home in Japan!

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Foreigner Friendly

All properties handled by us are foreigner friendly. No Japanese guarantor needed.


Apply From Overseas

Apply from overseas and have your place set up before you arrive.


Pay With Credit Card

Pay all your up-front costs and monthly rent with a credit card. You don’t need a Japanese bank account.


Support In English

End-to-end service in English from the room view, to application, to post-move-in support.

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GaijinPot Housing Service

Why use the GaijinPot Housing Service?

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    Foreigner-Friendly Properties

    You have access to apartments not previously available to non-Japanese tenants. This is because you will be subleasing the apartment from the GaijinPot Housing Service. We have already received permission from the owners of these units to sublease them to non-Japanese, so your nationality will never be a factor in whether your application is accepted or rejected.

  • guarantor

    No Guarantor Required

    You do not have to have a guarantor or use a guarantor company. Almost all landlords and property managers in Japan require tenants to name a guarantor or a guarantor company to vouch for you when you are renting an apartment. For many newcomers to Japan (and even many long-timers) it can be difficult to find a qualified guarantor. Guarantor companies usually charge a one-time fee of 80% to 100% of your Total Monthly Rent to guarantee you as a tenant. However, when you rent an apartment through the Housing Service we will not ask you for a guarantor, so this is not an extra cost you have to worry about.

  • card

    Pay Your Rent with a Credit/Debit Card

    With the GaijinPot Housing Service, you can pay all your initial move-in costs and your monthly rent with any VISA, MasterCard, American Express or JCB credit/debit card issued in Japan or overseas. Your rent will automatically be charged every month on your registered credit card.

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    English Support

    Full English support during the room view. We will provide you with English phone support during your room view. Ask any questions you have about the apartment in English, and we will interpret for you!

    In addition, all contracts are in English so you do not have to be able to read or write Japanese to rent an apartment through the GaijinPot Housing Service

    English support until you move out. Included in the GaijinPot Housing Service is our English concierge service. We will provide phone- and/or email-based support for any apartment- related issues that may come up while you are renting the apartment. For example, if your kitchen drain gets clogged or your A/C stops running, we will deal with setting up the appointments with the repair person who will come to your home.

Who is eligible to apply, when and how can I apply?

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    You are welcome to apply for an apartment through the GaijinPot Housing Service if you:

    • Are an English speaker.
    • Have a long-term visa, such as a working, student, working holiday, or permanent resident (PR) visa. We are unable to accept tourist visas.
    • Will stay in the apartment for at least 6 months.

    The earliest you can inquire to this service is 3-4 weeks prior to your desired move-in date. If you submit your application before this time, we will not be able to process it.

    Submit your application details and required documents using our secure online system. We will do a background check based on the details and documents you submit. If your application is approved, you can move on to payment

GaijinPot Housing Service Fees

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    You can pay by credit card, debit card or domestic wire transfer.

    If you pay with a credit card, the initial registration fee is equal to 50% of your Total Monthly Rent (+ 8% consumption tax), with a minimum fee of ¥30,000.

    We accept any VISA, MasterCard, American Express or JCB credit/debit cards issued in Japan or overseas

    If you pay with a debit card or by domestic wire transfer, the initial registration fee is equal to 100% of your Total Monthly Rent (+ 8% consumption tax), with a minimum fee of ¥40,000.

    We are unable to accept international wire transfers for the Housing Service.

GaijinPot Housing Service Plus (Installment plan)

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    You have the option of paying any two of the following three move in costs as installment payments:

    • the deposit
    • key money
    • or agency fee

    What if you’ve found the perfect apartment where you could afford the monthly rent but can’t swing the move in costs?

    In Japan, move in costs can total three to six month’s rent, and it’s not uncommon for someone to have to walk away from an apartment they could afford on a monthly basis, but can’t afford because of the high move in fees.

    Basically, this service allows you to lower your move-in costs by spreading out the payments over the term of your lease.